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Kuala Lumpur
February 11, 2024

GIIS KL Sprints to Gold at Cempaka International School Annual Sports Meet 2024!

On February 3rd, 2024, the GIIS Kuala Lumpur track team proved that champions are indeed made, not born, at the Cempaka International School Annual Sports Meet. Living by the motto "If you believe it, the mind can achieve it," our runners put their potential on full display in the exciting Invitation Relay Team 4 x 100m event.

The electrifying atmosphere of the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium buzzed with anticipation as our team faced off against 6 other formidable contenders from Eaton International School, Aspiration International School, Sayfol International School, and Cempaka International School itself. But our athletes, fueled by unwavering determination and teamwork, rose to the challenge, leaving their competitors in the dust and securing a well-deserved gold medal victory!

This triumph wasn't just about winning; it was a testament to Gem 2(Sports Excellence) of the 9GEMS Holistic Education Framework. We believe that school sports are more than just physical activity; they are an essential part of shaping well-rounded individuals. By participating in such events, our students develop not only their physical strength but also their mental resilience, character, and ability to collaborate effectively.

GIIS is deeply committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel not just in academics but also in their passions and talents. We are incredibly proud of our track team's accomplishment, which exemplifies the spirit of going beyond the classroom and embracing the pursuit of excellence. This victory serves as an inspiration to all our students, showcasing the power of belief, dedication, and teamwork in achieving their dreams.

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