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Kuala Lumpur
September 08, 2023

GIIS KL: Social Science & Commerce Department Parent Engagement Day [2023-2024]

The Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur conducted a Parent Engagement day on 29thJuly to celebrate ”International Warisan Budaya” “Culture & Heritage” this year. Social Science & Commerce, Language & Co-scholastic department along with students & parents had organised the Event. Through the various models exhibited, the department was successful in achieving goals 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 13 (Climate action) under UNSDG. The presentations demonstrated by the students revealed the actions for saving our environment and maintaining the ecological balance.

The Event commenced with a greeting from the Anchors and a little insight about the importance of Traditional and Cultural values. Following this, the students of class 6-12 performed the multi-Cultural dance performance of India, China and Malaysia. Enjoying performances is a great way to celebrate another culture. The dance was well executed and the dancers had mastered their movements. Falling into dance was a hypnotizing performance that enthralled its audience. Along with this, the parents were also invited who set the stage on fire with their amazing dance moves.


The students of class 12B presented a Panel show shedding light on the topic of Investing. They showcased an informative and enlightening presentation having a host and a fantastic panel of experts talking about the various types of investments like shares, bonds, NFTs etc. Students from classes VIII to X of the School participated and displayed their innovative talents in the Project Exhibition. Talking about the Social Science exhibition displayed various models and charts as a part of their project-based learning methodology. Classes VI & VII prepared beautiful posters on Solar System, saving our environment, Natural & Human resources etc.


Classes VIII ,IX & X displayed an array of models based on the topics of various monuments, Historical places, Conservation of resources, Sustainability, working model of Rainwater harvesting and the special attraction was the concentration on puzzles of India Map.  Students of Class 9 comprehend the activity through working model under the topic of Irrigation-working Mode & Reuse plastics that sensed the soil moisture and irrigation and watering was automatically done creating a tech agriculture in farming. Students also demonstrated their role in reducing plastic pollution and recycling plastic increases their motivation to take responsible. Before the conclusion of the closing ceremony, Our beloved Vice Principal was called upon to inspire the school with her speech which was followed by a Vote of thanks given to all participants and Teachers for putting their heart and soul to make the event a giant success.

In conclusion, the Parent Engagement event had an objective to make students of the school aware about Our cultural heritage, constitutional rights, national integration, public development and increasing accountability to the environment about our national history.

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