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Kuala Lumpur
September 08, 2023

GIIS KL: Social Science & Commerce Department Field Trip [Class 11 & 12] [2023-2024]

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur campus conducted a Field Trip to University Malaya on 23rd August, Wednesday for class 11 & 12, which was organized by Social Science & Commerce department. 
A buzz of excitement surrounded the auditorium, as the students gathered there to participate in a unique pre-field trip team-building activity! As the clock's hands revolved, counting down the 20-minute deadline for them to complete the task of the Newspaper Fashion show, the staplers, newspapers, scissors, and other tools were put to use more rapidly than usual. And the result was astonishing! The show was a great success as the students came out with the best of their creativity and skill. The teachers In charge and the Judge, the Vice principal Ms.Bhuvana were certainly taken aback by the unique ideas showcased by the fashion show. The students and teachers were also provided with snacks during the show.

Later the teachers and students assembled at the ground to line up ahead of the buses for their field trip. After attendance was taken, students proceeded to the buses and went ahead with their exciting trip! Upon entering the gates of the university, students were given a tour of the campus visuals in their buses as they drove around for a while. Students first entered into the Faculty Of Science for about an hour long presentation on the university’s education system and opportunities. A Question & answer session was held post the presentation, creating a unique interaction between the University Of Malaya members and the students, teachers of GIIS. The students then visited the Geology museum, where interesting rare minerals, fossils, microscopic machinery, and more greeted them. 

They later on proceeded with a snack break after which, they attended the Faculty of Business and Economics. There, students understood the marketing strategies and other concepts used by the university, and were in a treat to watch videos and presentations to truly understand the opportunities. They were also given bookmarks as souvenirs by the university. Upon returning to school, teachers and students were provided with lunch and later on, students were dispersed at 2:30 at usual time as per the school timetable. 

The field trip proved immensely successful in attaining its objective of giving students valuable exposure, knowledge, and first-hand experience of a university campus. In this instance, the students had the unique opportunity to explore University Malaya, the oldest and most prestigious higher education institution in Malaysia as per evaluations by two international ranking organizations.

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