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Kuala Lumpur
August 19, 2022

GIIS KL: Outstanding Results Announced For IGCSE 2022

Students of IGCSE 2022 cohort of GIIS Kuala Lumpur performed remarkably well in the series of Assessments for IGCSE. GIIS Kuala Lumpur proudly announces 100% passes in overall results along with a school average of 80%. A total of 5 students have secured especially impressive results.

Efrat Moveed David scored a remarkable 9A* while Mayuresh Srivastava scored an impressive 8A* and 1A. Other students who achieved top scores include Varniashree Vignesvaran (6A* 2A), Valermaty Munisamy (6A* 2A), and Adeline Jacob (5A* 2A).

A whopping 91 students secured overall A* and A grades this year, and we are all incredibly happy for the achievements of the cohort.

GIIS Kuala Lumpur believes in the power of personal development for learners who dedicate themselves to a strong support system to achieve academic success. It seems that this year’s results reflect on the preparedness of our future leaders to face the challenges ahead in an ever-changing world. This will continue for the many students who embark on the IGCSE syllabus in GIIS Kuala Lumpur.

Good academic results are the by-product of individual determination and willpower, but beyond that they are an indication of great personal achievements formed together with conducive learning environments, quality teaching and a solid foundation for building future leaders.

Our heartiest congratulations to IGCSE toppers of the 2022 series on their excellent performance! We are very proud of each of you. We also thank our staff for their consistent and unrelenting efforts to boost the performance of our students.


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