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September 07, 2023

GIIS KL nurtures empathy in students installing UNSDG Wall on Campus

Date of the event: June 20, 2023

The key question for GSF was; How do we translate 17 UNSDG goals and their 169 targets into teaching and learning? We created a framework that enables each campus to choose goals and achieve results through coherent sustainability strategies, coordinated action, and a harmonized development cooperation approach.

All GSF Schools have adopted UNSDGs and are working towards integrating them into student learning. The SDGs are universal goals for all people and are inherently global in nature. GIIS KL asked students and staff to choose which goal they would want to work for and why. A session was conducted to raise awareness about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and emphasize their potential as a catalyst for change. The discussion centered on their inherent integrative nature, as they harmoniously address the requirements of both humanity and the planet. This interconnectedness extends to every goal, creating a web of interdependence among them.

The Sustainability team brings new perspectives to make students’ curiosity and compassion for others grow. Our responsibility is to prepare the next generation of global leaders who are able to lead and thrive in the global marketplace. We have used the SDGs to engage students in practical goals and problem-solving by putting issues into relatable contexts.

This idea to let the students and staff choose a goal was to enable empathy and compassion. When they choose, they research and are exposed to important SDG topics such as those about poverty, hunger, and education, they begin to understand the unique challenges facing communities all over the world that they may not have known about before. This understanding fosters a sense of global connection and empathy for the earth as a whole.

This initiative helped our students and teachers to be inspired to take action. Once they have an understanding of the SDGs and why they are necessary, they will be inspired to make positive changes, in big and small ways. The result was amazing, right from senior students raising awareness about mental health to first graders conserving water by turning off faucets more frequently.


"To fortify this dedication, we established a UNSDG wall within our campus—a symbol serving as a constant reminder of our collective commitment. Together, with teachers and students, we hope to be a powerful force for achieving the GSF’s vision of a more peaceful, healthy, and equitable world."

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