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Kuala Lumpur
October 20, 2023

GIIS KL: Meenal Mech Lights Up the Stage by Performing Alongside the Talented Javed Ali at Esplanade Concert Hall

A student of GIIS KL and GIIS Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music, Meenal Mech had the honour of showcasing her musical talents on stage at the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore together with the multi-talented singer and performer, Javed Ali.

On the evening of 12 October 2023, Meenal was able to deliver a dazzling performance to the crowd as she joined Javed Ali at his Like Never Before concert. Her stellar performance was recognised by Javed, and he praised her for her stunning vocals and her ability to bring an emotional presence on stage.

Javed Ali is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having performed at prestigious events globally such as at the Denhaag Festival in Holland, the Amsterdam Music Festival and even at the United Nations. His soulful renditions of Bollywood hits and other original numbers along with his moving performances on screen have earned him several awards such as the IIFA and Screen Awards. In addition to his musical repertoire, he was also one of the judges for Indian Idol for Season 10.

Having expressed how much she enjoyed performing that evening, Meenal Mech is eager to continue pursuing her love for music by honing her vocal prowess and delivering even more breakthroughs in the industry. This is only the beginning for Meenal, and we cannot wait to see her continue to shine as we wish her all the best in her future and career.

This event falls in line with Gem 3 (Visual and Performing Arts) of the GIIS 9Gems Holistic Education Framework. Through a variety of art facilities, visual arts promotion, and training studios, we give our students a platform to explore their creative side. Students have talents and interests which need an outlet. Which is why we have developed a skills-based education programme with a holistic education framework where they get the apparatus and the guidance to enhance and polish their inherent talents or pick up a new skill. 


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