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Kuala Lumpur
April 15, 2022

GIIS KL inaugurated Entrepreneurship Club on physical platform during PTM

GIIS KL inaugurated Entrepreneurship Club on physical mode during PTM on 29th of March 2022. Students assumed positions of budding entrepreneurs, putting up stalls to sell an assortment of handicrafts and food items to showcase their entrepreneurship skills.

EC aims to teach students basic business startup, trading, manufacturing, promoting and financial handling aspects of small business plans on a grassroots level. The school has encouraged the students to display their entrepreneur skills by establishing a conducive learning environment for hands-on practical training.

It was an amazing experience when each member made their own product and put them in their stall. The Club had a plan to invite the first parent for PTM to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the event for the day.

Students designed the posters to decorate their own stalls as well as the club stalls. There were about fifteen stalls fitted with cash counters and students were able to wrap up sales within three hours.

These Young Entrepreneurs gained great insight on business operations and were thrilled to have hands on experience of how actual entrepreneurship works.

Among the items sold in stalls were Food Items-Burgers, Pasta, Brownies, Cookies, Beverages as well as handicrafts including bookmarks, coloring sheets, decorated pencils, sunglasses, stickers, bracelets, wallpaper quotes, fridge magnets, and coasters.

GIIS KL is thrilled to announce that students were well appreciated and encouraged. By the end of the exercise they were full of confidence and returned to their school routines with achievers' smiles.

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