February 03, 2020

GIIS KL Graduation 2020

GIIS KL witnessed an evening of glitz and glamour on 23rd Jan 2010, when the students of class 10 and 12 were thrown a hail and farewell party by the school. The 9th graders overwhelmed the hearts of their seniors with dance and song performances while the 11th graders made sure that their seniors would leave the school with the fondest memories ever.

The event was conducted in the auditorium of the school, from 4 pm till 7 pm. The teachers and students took a massive effort to decorate the venue for the photo booth wherein all the graduating students clicked pics with their scrolls. The guests of the day, Captain Dr. Dinisha Bhardwaj, in her formal address to the gathering, wished the students all the very best in life and inspired them with her words of wisdom. The hosts for the evening; Vidya, Pramiti, Jnanadyuti, Abhishek, ensured that the audience have a full moment throughout the evening. The class 10 students also commemorated the contributions of the teachers in their lives. Aditya 10B, overwhelmed his teachers with feelings of overflowing from his heart, reminding the crowd that we come from the tradition of Ekalavya, whose sense of dedication to his teacher is unprecedented even today. Finally, the event concluded with dinner served to all the students and teachers along with a long session of snapshotting.

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