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Kuala Lumpur
June 10, 2024

GIIS KL & GIIS Singapore Students Explore Environmental Issues Through Virtual Exchange

Students from standard 6 at GIIS KL and GIIS Singapore joined forces on a virtual mission recently. Forget passports and packing – this eco-exchange program happened on Zoom, but the learning adventure was anything but ordinary!

The motto? Symbiotic Learning! These young environmental crusaders tackled big questions like how our actions affect the planet, the dangers of global warming, and how we can all become superheroes for Mother Earth.

Imagine presentations packed with fascinating facts about protecting rare animals and plants. These whiz kids even explored the coolest life skills we can learn from our furry and feathery friends!

This wasn't just about textbooks. This program was about sparking curiosity, communication, and teamwork. Students honed their presentation skills, learned from each other's cultures, and discovered the importance of working together to create a positive impact.

This eco-exchange wasn't just virtual fun, it connected to real-world goals. The program aligns with the GIIS 9 Gems philosophy, focusing on academic excellence, personality development, and fostering a spirit of global citizenship. It even championed the UN Sustainable Development Goals – because a healthy planet, quality education, and responsible actions are the coolest superpowers of all!

So next time you see a group of standard sixth , remember – they might just be world-changing eco-warriors in training, thanks to awesome programs like the Symbiotic Learning Student Exchange!


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