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Kuala Lumpur
October 09, 2023

GIIS KL fostering healthy minds through nutrition, sustainability, and compassion


The Kindergarten recently concluded a highly informative week focused on teaching the young ones about the significance of healthy eating habits, minimizing food wastage, and fostering a spirit of sharing and empathy.

In the month of October, the Kindergarten curriculum centered around the concept of an "Ideal Food Plate," which paved the way for an engaging Healthy Food Week project. Throughout the week, the children diligently brought healthy snack boxes to school, with their parents actively involving them in understanding the names, ingredients, and nutritional value of the food packed. Randomly selected children were given the opportunity to talk about the food they brought, helping them discern between healthy and junk food, while also learning about the essential components and the energy-giving properties of nutritious food crucial for their growth.

In addition to these dietary lessons, the educators also emphasized the importance of minimizing food wastage. The children were encouraged to appreciate the effort put in by farmers and to comprehend the intricate process that brings food to their tables. Delving into the interconnectedness of nature, the children were fascinated to discover how certain plants originate from bird droppings. Furthermore, they were made aware of the environmental impact of food wastage, particularly the emission of methane gas, contributing to their understanding of the significance of minimizing wastage.

Towards the culmination of the project, the children partook in a heartwarming gesture of sharing. They brought homemade chapatis to school, joyfully distributing them among the school's support staff including security guards, cleaners, drivers, and some teachers. This act of gratitude brought immense joy to both the givers and the recipients. To extend this experience, the children were guided in the process of making chapatis in class. They enthusiastically participated in every step, from preparing the dough to kneading it, and rolling it into amusing shapes. With the guidance of the teachers, they experienced the joy of cooking the chapatis themselves, relishing their accomplishment and the scrumptious taste of their handiwork.

Through these activities, the children imbibed valuable lessons about sharing, demonstrating compassion, and developing an appreciation for the people in their immediate environment. They not only gained insights into the importance of healthy food but also imbibed essential values that promote a caring and empathetic community.

Article contributed by Punithavathi Govindaraj, KG Teacher, GIIS KL

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