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Kuala Lumpur
July 28, 2022

GIIS KL Cricket Team wins the U-12 MSSMKL state level cricket championship 2022

GIIS Kuala Lumpur has won the U-12 MSSMKL state-level cricket championship, which took place at the Victoria Institution (V.I) school field in Kuala Lumpur today on 28 July 2022. 

The MSSWPKL B12 2022 Final concluded with the Global Indian International School Cricket Team winning by 60 Runs against the talented SK ST John Cricket Team.

Players of the Global Indian International School Cricket Team included Amogh Terdal, Avyan Hommaradi, Sriram, Suraj Krishna, Shreyas, Mithul, Harin Saminathan, Arnav, Pranav, Rayyan Arafat, Bharani Dutt, and John M.S. All players did an amazing job by securing the win through precision, relentless spirit, coordination, and excellent teamwork.

We couldn't be more proud of the perseverance and skill presented by our winning team. All players showed true sportsmanship and grace on the field, which led to an exciting and incredible match between two very capable teams.

The team that brought home the victory was greeted and congratulated by GIIS Country Director Mr Manoj Nair & GIIS KL Principal Captain (Dr) Dinisha Bharadwaj. The talented cricket team made the entire KL Campus proud this year with their outstanding achievement.

Cricket is thrilling to play and watch, and it is just as important as any sporting event. Additionally, the game promotes teamwork, discipline, character development, and leadership qualities.

It encourages teamwork. Instead of two players, the game is played between two teams. Each player has a certain task to do. The bowlers, the batsman and the wicket-keeper all have their roles while all the players that take to fielding try hard to save runs.

This achievement falls in line with Gem 2 (Sports Excellence) of the GIIS 9Gems Holistic Education Framework.

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