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Kuala Lumpur
September 07, 2023

GIIS KL Celebrates Merdeka - Malaysia's 66th Independence Day

GIIS KL commemorated Malaysian’s 66th Independence Day, also known as Merdeka Day, in school on 30th August 2023. An informative and patriotic assembly was held in school in which the participants ranged from KG to standard 12 students.

Moreover, the assembly consisted of various performances like dancing, singing, instrumental performances and poem recitation as well. The assembly was started off with a peaceful performance of the Musical instruments, played on the famous Malaysian instrument called Kompang and the Violin. Followed by dances by the little ones which stole the hearts of the audience.

The young speakers of GIIS, also recited poems in different languages, depicting their love towards the country! The students of GIIS also performed dance in which they showcased facts about the different states and their flags. The assembly was concluded by the respected vice principal’s words of wisdom.

Overall the assembly was enjoyed and appreciated by all, as it portrayed the patriotism in everyone’s hearts.

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