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Kuala Lumpur
May 23, 2024

GIIS KL Celebrates Learning with Fun-Filled Parent Engagement Day

GIIS KL transformed into a vibrant hub of learning and laughter during their recently held Parent Engagement Day. It was a full-fledged exploration zone where students and parents joined forces for an unforgettable morning.

The energy crackled from the moment parents arrived. After a heart-pumping Zumba session, everyone received a warm welcome from the Principal, Ms Dipti Joshna. Then, the fun truly began!

Classrooms buzzed with exciting projects on display, parents and students working together to conquer challenging Bingo and Sudoku puzzles, while creative juices flowed freely in vibrant painting sessions. Meanwhile, on the school grounds, friendly competition heated up with thrilling badminton matches.

As the day progressed, the excitement culminated in a grand finale held in the auditorium. Lively dance and singing performances showcased student talent, while a brain-teasing Kahoot quiz put everyone's knowledge to the test. Finally, a heartwarming prize distribution ceremony capped off the event, leaving smiles on every face.

This wasn't just about fun and games, though. GIIS KL Parent Engagement Day was all about fostering a strong school-home partnership. By working together on engaging activities, parents gained valuable insights into their child's learning journey, while families built stronger bonds with the school community. This aligns perfectly with GIIS KL's 9GEMS Holistic Framework, specifically Gem 8: Community and Care, and contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.

In the end, GIIS KL Parent Engagement Day wasn't just a day – it was a memory! A memory of families learning, laughing, and growing together, all fueled by the power of collaboration and the joy of discovery.

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