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Kuala Lumpur
September 08, 2023

GIIS KL: Art workshop on Parents Engagement Day- 29th July 2023

The Global Indian International school, Kuala Lumpur had organised a Parent Engagement Day on 29th July 2023, to celebrate Cultural Heritage Year. With the aim to be aware of Malaysian culture, GIIS conducted an art workshop on this topic. Registration for this activity was opened for all the parents from Classes 1-12.


15 parents had participated in the workshop. All the materials (Painting frame, brush, paint & pallet) were provided by school. They were able to complete painting within the given time. The best art work was selected and special prizes were given away on stage on the same day (29th July).  

Before they started painting, a demonstration was provided by the art teacher. Parents learnt to paint in a fun way. They had completed their art work in artistic methods, using various art techniques in different categories, for creating a unique art piece.

Through the Batik Art and craft activity, the students and parents of GIIS KL initiated and spread the message of awareness on goal 16 (Peace and Justice Strong Institutions) under UNSDG. The art department was successful in creating this awareness among all in the society through their various displays.

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