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December 31, 2020

FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge

The much-anticipated moment has arrived. The finalists of the FedEx Express junior achievement international trade challenge, have been nominated to represent Malaysia. FedEx Express is a market entry strategy competition, that provides an insight on the procedures of launching a new product into the market and the importance of collaboration. Prior to the selections, a preliminary session was conducted through the Virtual platform, in which the members of FedEx graciously spoke of their personal experiences and presented the necessary details to assist the students for their journey through the next phases. The students were tasked to draft a 3000-words essay. This was no mere feat but the students trudged on and succeeded through their determination and endurance. We are proud to announce the winners from GIIS Kuala Lumpur campus who are the Top 15 finalists, Pranav Kashyap, Pooja Nishani, Karu Julian, Keshav Sreekumar, Philip Vattuthottam and Nikhil Vijay. Kudos to the finalists.

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