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January 03, 2019

Embrace the Sporting Spirit!


KUALA LUMPUR, 1 DECEMBER, 2018 - The CBSE & Cambridge Secondary Athletic sports meet was held at Panasonic stadium. The week’s preceding the sports meet saw the students participate in the selection round for both track and field events. The Secondary Sports day was graced by the presence of our country director Mr. Manoj Nair and Principal Mr. Harvendra Singh Khalsa. The events began with the March past led by the student council followed by the four house Hibiscus, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum and Orchid.  The sports day was declared open by the chief guest Mr. Manoj Nair. Birds are a universal symbol of peace, and as it is tradition in GIIS the birds were released by Mr. Manoj Nair, Mr. Harvendra Singh Khalsa and the coordinators. Kuruchetran the sports captain of Cambridge presented the oath, the students solemnly pledged to uphold sportsman spirit this athletic meet.

It was an exciting day as the students were all set to participate in the sporting events. The events that followed were thrilling, some of the races had clear winners while others had a nail biting finish. The racers were encouraged by their peers motivating them from the sidelines. The relay races had the house members cheering for their houses. The parent’s events motivated the energetic participants to get fit and active. The teacher’s events saw great sportsmanship and excitement as the students and teachers showed their support for the players.

The Taekwondo performance show cased a variety of self-defensive and offensive techniques. There was also an exuberant and enthusiastic performance of Zumba and aerobics. Each house displayed a feat of strength by presenting a pyramid formation that was definitely a sight to see.

The Athletic meet concluded with the presentation of Individual trophy’s, winners of the March past and the overall championship. Hibiscus house won the overall championship for the fifth time in a row. The team took a victory lap to celebrate this winning streak!

It was a fantastic end to a sports day radiating sportsman spirit and team work!

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