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Kuala Lumpur
May 28, 2024

Class 10A Makes GIIS KL Roar for African World Heritage

The morning of May 15th saw GIIS KL auditorium transformed into a mini-Africa, all thanks to the roaring enthusiasm of Class 10A! Celebrating African World Heritage Day, these go-getters presented an assembly that had standards 9 to 12 in the audience buzzing. 

Class 10A delivered an engaging assembly that revolved around Africa's breathtaking attractions.  They whipped out a clever questionnaire, playfully testing the audience's knowledge about the vast Sahara Desert and the teeming savannas. Laughter and gasps filled the room as classmates playfully battled over who knew the most!

The assembly garnered much appreciation from the Principal, Ms Dipti Joshna who commended Class 10A for their initiative and informative presentation. This event served a dual purpose, fostering the 9GEMS Holistic Framework that GIIS KL adopted: academic excellence ( Gem1) by sparking curiosity about Africa, while simultaneously promoting universal values and ethics (Gem 7) through the appreciation of different cultures.

The success of Class 10A's assembly serves as a testament to the power of student-led initiatives. It not only enriched the school community but also provided a platform for Class 10A to showcase their academic prowess and collaborative spirit.

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