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December 10, 2018

An educational trip to National Science Center and My Batik


KUALA LUMPUR, 31 OCTOBER, 2018 - The students of standard 6 and 7 visited the National Science Centre. A variety of colourful marine life filled with different types of fish and rocks in a fresh water tunnel aquarium welcomed the students and teachers at the entrance of the National Science Center.

Learning about the phenomena of light at the wonders park gallery, being challenged at the Eureka Gallery and getting first-hand experience in the fundamental principles of Physics, chemistry and biology were all experienced through fun and games.

The world of radiation in I-Rays was an eye opener for the students.

The students were also taken to the Survive the Bunker attraction where they had a first-hand experience on phobias and the science behind phobia. They had fun at the game area too.

Last but not the least students got to attend a science talk from the staff at National Science Center.

The students of standard 6 visited ‘My Batik', a wonderful Batik workshop was organized in My Batik for students of class 6 to enhance their understanding of the Malaysian culture.

Students and teachers were welcomed by Ms. Emilia and her enthusiastic team members.

The students were enlightened about Malaysian traditional Batik Textile Art. Students discovered techniques like waxing, stamping and coloring. They were provided with Batik cloth and paints and were asked to paint different designs like a Wau Bulan (Malaysian Kite), flowers, fishes, etc. it gave a lasting impression on students, to preserve their cultural and traditional arts.

Last but not the least, students were given self-painted batik cloths as a souvenir.

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