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July 30, 2018

The 9 GEMS pedagogy came alive in the fun-activities conducted at East Coast campus


SINGAPORE, 30 JULY: The 9 GEMS educational framework was successfully implemented for the month of July, in East Coast campus, with three main events conducted during this month - Food Fiesta, Global Indian Stars and Bihu folk dance.

Food Fiesta was organised by Grade 1 students, where children brought several food items such as cakes, pasta, burgers, popcorn from home and the items were put up for sale. The earnings from the sale were used as fundraising for charity. The food fiesta was aligned to the “Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development” aspect of the 9 GEMS pedagogy.

The second event, Global Indian Star finals, an inter-school singing competition, encouraged young budding singers to display their talent. This competition attracted participants from all over Singapore. The competition was divided into various categories such as “sub-junior, junior and senior” in accordance to students’ age. The competition was held in three rounds – quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. As the participants ascended through the levels, the competition defined their determination to attain victory.

The third event in highlight was the “Taste of Eid”, organised by the Siglap South Community Centre, to celebrate the occasion of Eid. The girls of East Coast campus participated in the event by performing Bihu, which is an Assamese folk dance. The traditional tribal outfits and the mesmerising dance moves complemented the backdrop of drum beats which captured the audience’s heart. The activity was associated with the “Visual and Performing Arts” aspect of 9 GEMS.

The 9 GEMS educational framework of GIIS East Coast campus is implemented in the curriculum to provide a well-rounded education to its students. These events were a step towards imparting one of the 9 GEMS of GIIS.

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