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July 28, 2022

SMART Campus students participate in cultural engagement session with Eunos Primary School celebrating Racial Harmony Day

To commemorate Racial Harmony Day, Grade 5 students from GIIS SMART Campus and Eunos Primary School participated in an Inter-Cultural Engagement Session hosted by the latter. The idea behind the initiative was to give the students an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of one another through engaging presentations.


As part of the event, the students from both the schools exchanged their thoughts and ideas about the culture and history of Singapore and India through thoughtful presentations. The Eunos Primary School also shared their thoughts about the importance of racial harmony. The students from SMART Campus showcased the rich culture and traditions of India through dance and yoga performances. The students played some exciting games as well.


GIIS has always emphasised on the importance of fostering its students with good moral values and inculcating universal values and ethics through its 9 GEMS pedagogy. Participating in events like this encourages the students to get deeper insights into cultural diversity helping them grow as socially responsible citizens.



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