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October 25, 2018

Singer Shankar Mahadevan praises GIIS initiative for Radio Studio in SMART Campus


SINGAPORE, 25 OCTOBER, 2018: Bollywood music maestro Shankar Mahadevan visited the Radio Studio of the SMART Campus and interacted with students and staff during a special edition of the Leadership Lecture Series held today.

The Radio Studio is one of the 90 unique labs that are part of the skill development facilities present in the SMART Campus. The equipment used here is similar to the one used by leading broadcast companies in Singapore. Some of the other similar facilities are Culinary Lab, Dance Studio, Language Lab, Speech & Drama Studio, Graphic Design Studio, and many more. GIIS SMART Campus is one of the rare schools to have such diverse skill development facilities for the holistic development of students.

During his visit to the Radio Studio, the great singer was immensely impressed by the ultra-modern equipment and infrastructure of the Radio Lab. He listened to one of the songs that was recorded by students in the Radio Studio and was highly appreciative of the voice and recording quality. Mr Mahadevan said that if the school obtains a license it can start its own Radio Station run by students.

As a gesture of goodwill, he recorded a few lines of the devotional song “vakratunda mahakaya” in the Radio Studio and congratulated the students for the new start in the SMART Campus. He said that he has never seen a Radio Station in any school and students should make the best use of such a unique facility.

A Radio Studio has the potential to reach to a huge number of listeners and students can widely use this facility to showcase their talent to the world.

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