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February 18, 2022

Minister Edwin Tong praises East Coast Campus for its green initiatives

Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Mr. Edwin Tong voiced his immense appreciation for the East Coast Campus and its various green initiatives during his visit to the campus on Feb 18.


Mr. Tong, who represents the Marine Parade GRC, was in the campus as part of the Joo Chiat community visit. During his visit, Mr. Tong also thanked the EC Campus for being a valuable partner of the Joo Chiat Community and lagude the school's involvement in building a cohesive and united community.  


During his visit to the school, Mr. Tong was welcomed by Global Schools Foundation chairman Mr. Atul Temurnikar and other members of the school management including Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kaustubh Bodhankar and Singapore Country Director Mr Prashant Bafna. Mr Tong paid his respects to the father of the Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi, by garlanding his bust which is present in the school. 


Later he joined the school principal Mr. CVK Sastry, teachers, coordinators, and staff in a tete-e-tete, and had a good conversation with them on the school’s vision and mission, and its various efforts to keep a clean, green and sustainable environment in the area. Mr. Tong also spent time with the school student council, conversing with the student members on their duties and their responsibilities of the posts. 


The minister appreciated the school’s efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic. He handed out a specially designed ‘Joo Chiat Cares Tingkat’, a two-tier eco-friendly lynch box, as part of the initiative to reduce single-use plastic in the community. 


GIIS presented him with a painting of the East Coast Campus, while all his associates were given a sapling as a token of appreciation. 


GIIS East Coast is part of the Global Schools Foundation which has won awards for sustainability efforts. The campus has pledged support to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and has made concerted efforts to have a green footprint. This includes producing fruits and vegetables in a herb garden in its backyard and planting saplings during student birthdays each year. 

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