April 09, 2019


ABU DHABI, 8th April, 2019:

In its continuous efforts to produce entrepreneurs and front-runners GIIS Abu Dhabi organized its first Leadership Lecture Series (LLS) for the academic year 2019-20.

Chandu Borde, the former Indian cricketer and the President and Co -Founder Global School Foundation, visited Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi campus on 8th April 2019 to inaugurate the Chandu Borde Cricket Academy (CBCA). The cricket academy at GIIS is a step towards imparting training and guidance in cricket to young students.

The CBCA was inaugurated by Mr. Chandu Borde. A friendly match, with Mr. Borde as the opening bats man was the highlight of the day .This was a pathway to motivation, enthusiasm and better sportsmanship.  

The Q & A session with Mr. Chandu Borde was one to be valued. Students zealously put forth their questions for which answers were fervently given. He inspired passion and action in students and placed hard work at the top. He also said that kids today are very privileged. They have a lot of exposure and this advantage should be tapped and channelized. He also insisted on a healthy and fit regime. The students were immersed in what he had to say to them and it sure had an everlasting impact on their lives.

CBCA and its program globally has many young sports men to its credit and this success strategy will be followed in Abu Dhabi campus too.

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