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September 28, 2013

GIIS Leadership Lecture Series: Q & A with Mr Hrithik Roshan and Mr Rakesh Roshan


GIIS Leadership Lecture Series:
Q & A with Mr Hrithik Roshan and Mr Rakesh Roshan


Q1 Devanshi Patnaik - (GIIS East Coast Campus Singapore) My question is to Mr Rakeshji. We know every child has huge levels of curiosity. How do you see courage play a role in every [email protected]@s success?

Mr Rakesh Roshan: Courage gives you a lot of confidence and confidence gives you success but where from does courage come? Courage comes from honesty to be true to yourself and to love everybody. So you gather courage and you will have confidence then you success. Success will follow you.

Q2 Devstutya Pandey - (GIIS Balestier Campus, Singapore) My question is to Mr Hrithik. Sir, you are very busy 7 days a week with your shooting schedules, how do you get time for family and kids? And do you get any time to help your children with homework and if so, then which subject do you love teaching?

Hrithik Roshan: How sweet you are! What is your name? I love the question you asked!! You can never find time, for anything in your life if you are looking for time [email protected]@s never to be found you have to create time, one has to create it. According to me true success in life is when you can manage your time properly. Time management is what true success is all about. When a man has the time to do all the things his duties varieties of work and fun and whatever it may be. When you have the time to do every single thing you want to do in life and you would be able to do it [email protected]@s the day when you will be successful. So you have to create the time. How do I create the time? Like that (with a snap). My favourite subject to teach my kids...Well we live in India, aur Hindi hamari matrubhasha hain but fortunately or unfortunately everybody around us communicates in English as [email protected]@s the universal language and I am proud of that as well so when I sit with my children main sirf hindi mein baat karta hoon

Q3 Ananya Balaji - (GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus, Malaysia) Greetings on behalf your thousands of fans in Malaysia. Sir we are thrilled to interact with you via LIVE video conference. In fact we feel we are right there in front of you. My question is to Rakesh Sir. As a father, what good qualities do you see in Hrithik which made him a star?

Mr Rakesh Roshan: Not just because he is my son, I am saying this but I see he is a very honest boy and his honesty shows on his face and he is very lovable. He distributes love like sweets to everybody and so he gets abundance of love in return. So these are his qualities and whatever work he does he does it with full power, with full confidence and being true to himself he does all the work. So these are the qualities which I see in him.

Q 4 Khushi Verma - (GIIS Noida/Delhi Campus, India) Good afternoon, Sirs. A very big hello from all of us in Delhi/Noida. My question is for Hrithik Sir. What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most? Acting or Dancing?

Hrithik Roshan: Well first of all a hello to you. Sometimes when I am acting sometimes acting gets very difficult, you have a difficult scene you have to emote or you have to entertain, it’s a very long scene and you’re really tired etc. Sometimes when I am dancing, the dance steps are so intricate and the choreographer is a tough task master and he wants the best out of you. Sometimes that gets difficult sometimes acting gets difficult. What I enjoy most is when it gets difficult whether it’s dancing or acting. When it gets difficult, I know, this is my axis point to growth. If I can surpass this, then I will become a better man, a wiser man, a stronger man because it’s as they say, the motto that I live by goes like this that the finest steel must go through the hottest fire. So whenever something gets difficult I start enjoying myself. I look up and say alright you want me to play at this level now? You know how you play video game from Level 1 to level 9 when you play at 9 you are a good player , So when He makes me play at level 10, I say “man I must be a good player I might have played my best so bring it on...give me some more...

Q 5 Oorjit - (GIIS Bangalore Campus, India) Good afternoon, Sirs. My question is to Hrithik Sir. What did you hate most in your school days? Any particular subject?

Hrithik Roshan: You have asked me a very naughty question. Time to confess...we all have our favourite subjects I also had a [email protected]@s not that I hated it I did not quiet enjoyed as much...not Maths any guesses? It was History! And you know all the days to memorise, I was like how is that going to help me, but it does I think any single thing in your life what you do, what you learn somewhere will definitely help you in some point of your life. I thought it was more important to create history in my own life rather than learn about someone [email protected]@s life.

Q 6 Smit Wargantiwar - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) Good afternoon, Sirs. We have the Formula 1 race tomorrow. Do you have any F1 favourite racer and would you show any F1 cars in your next movie?

Hrithik Roshan: You know I have never seen an F1 race. I am so happy to be here at this time I am enjoying being with you all. This is the benefit of being in Singapore there is so much variety all the time you come to get 10 things you end up getting 12 or 15 things. But yes, if I get a chance to play a character where I am a race car driver I would like it. I will keep your idea in mind in future.

Students from GIIS Campuses were ready with the following questions but owing to shortage of time they did not get an opportunity to ask their questions to the special guests.

Shojin Harada - (GIIS Tokyo Campus, Japan) Good afternoon, Sirs. Greetings from Tokyo. My question is to Mr Hrithik. We have huge fan following of you and Krishh in Japan. We also have lot of scenic places. Like you have shot your earlier movies in Singapore, Do you have any plans to shoot any movies in Tokyo Japan?

Student - (GIIS Surat Campus, India) - Question for Mr Rakesh Roshan. Was Hrithik too naughty or too quiet when he was a child?

Student - (GIIS Indore Campus, India) - Have you ever been scolded by your teacher? If yes, then for what reason?

Tejas Thathchar - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) Good afternoon, Sirs. My question is to Mr Hrithik. Krrish 3 is targeted towards children and family audiences. What is the message you wish to convey to the audience?

Keerthana - (GIIS East Coast Campus, Singapore) My question is to Rakesh Sir. Has Bollywood realized that star wars, ET, Jadoo, are big entertainment themes other than typical song and dance?

Anubhav Nayak - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) Good afternoon, Sirs. My question is to Rakesh Sir. We heard Krishh 3 is the first movie to be entirely shot and VFX effects are completely done in India. Did you face challenges?

Shruti - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) Good afternoon, Sirs. My question is to Hrithik Sir. Sir we have amongst us a 5 year old GIIS Student who has performed in Hollywood. Do you intend to act in Hollywood movie?

Lakshanaa Menon - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) My question is to Rakesh Sir. Fine Arts skills are equally important pillars of our [email protected]@s 9 GEMS Model for holistic development. One of our alumni has already made a career in music and is working with European and Bollywood Music Directors. What is your view about Fine Arts as a Career in [email protected]@s world.

Aastha Chouhan - (GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore) Good afternoon, Sirs. My question is to Hrithik Sir. Sirs. Every GIIS student is your biggest fan including myself. I am sure all of us here would love to see you perform your signature step from Raghupati Raghav. Sir, could you please?

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