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January 09, 2019

Camps nurture talent and social skills


Dubai, 27th December 2018

The Winter Camp of 2018 at GIIS Dubai saw a good mix of regular activities like Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Art, Dance and Theatre along with the fun sessions of face painting, caricature and kids yoga.

But the icing on the cake was the much awaited new attraction, a the trip to Emirates Equestrian Club for the horse riding session. Each child waited impatiently for their turn to experience sitting on a horse and taking the ride. They got to touch the animals and take a round of the stable to see how they lived, were fed and taken care of. They saw horses from various breeds and also practiced pronouncing their names.

The last day saw the children transform completely when they showcased their dance performance. Everyone loved their independence and the confidence with which they performed.

The three week camp saw children spending their day creating new bonds and playing together. This camp was open for both GIIS and non GIIS students. In addition to honing their talent, making new friends, learning to share and socialize, these children also learnt how to handle new situations. These were all the soft benefits that the children acquired through this camp. The camp was a memorable event and the children are already looking forward to the next camps.

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