March 21, 2014

GIIS Inter-School HiQ Quiz and Exhibition boosts scientific and mathematical aptitude in students

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GIIS Inter-School HiQ Quiz and ExhibitionGIIS HiQ Inter-school Quiz and Exhibition provides a platform for enthusiasts to explore their scientific and mathematical skills on a competitive platform. On February 12, 2014, GIIS Queenstown Campus organised the GIIS HiQ Quiz (Science and Maths) competition for the 6th consecutive year with participation of students from GIIS East Coast Campus, Yuvabharathi International School and GIIS Queenstown Campus.

The Maths quiz had the auditorium buzzing with five interesting and challenging rounds. It turned out to be a tough competition resulting in GIIS Queenstown Campus team winning the Aryabhatta Rolling trophy.

GIIS HiQ Maths Quiz Results:

Winners, GIIS Queenstown Campus: Charvi Gopal (Class 9 IGCSE) Neil Shah, (Class 8) and Jana Sai Ashish (Class 7)
First Runners-up, Yuvabharathi International School: Sankalp Shinde (Class 9), Aditi Melkote (Class 8) and Shiv Sakthivel(Class 7)
Second Runners-up, GIIS, East Coast Campus: Ramapriyan Srivatsan(Class 8), Kartik Shah (Class 7) and Noel Mathew Isaac (Class 9)

For the first Maths exhibition held as part of the GIIS HiQ quiz competition, students from IGCSE showcased models, charts, puzzles and games, projecting their creativity, interest, innovative thinking and ability to link Mathematics with the real world.

The most notable ones were the models of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa inDubai and the world’s largest observation wheel, Singapore Flyer among other stunning displays. Students fascinated the spectators by their interesting explanations of the Mathematical principles behind these models. Apart from the models, students had also displayed working models based on central angle theorem, rotational symmetry and inclinometer.

Promising young scientists participated in the 6th GIIS Inter-school HiQ Science Quiz and Exhibition were from GIIS Queenstown Campus, GIIS East Coast Campus and Yuvabharathi International School, Singapore. The competition brought alive the glory of science as the teams competed for the coveted Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Trophy.

Each team from the participating schools consisted of three participants from Classes 7 to 9. The quiz was based on Science concepts covered in these classes. The teams were designated A, B and C through a draw of lots. There were in total four rounds; Mindquest, Science in action, Visual round and Rapid fire round. Students answered the quiz questions enthusiastically, culminating in two tie breaker sessions at the end. The audience comprised of the Class 7 and 8 students with IB Year 1 students anchoring the event as emcees.

GIIS HiQ Science Quiz Results:

First Prize - GIIS East Coast Campus: Rishab Jain (Class 7), Rahul Parthasarathy (Class 8) and Ayush Deveriya (Class 9)
First Runners-up - GIIS Queenstown Campus: Sagnik Chakrabarti (Class 9 IGCCSE), Yash Talekar (Class 7) and Akshay Mittur (Class 8)
Second Runners-up - Yuvabharathi International School, Singapore: Jananya Sivakumar (Class 7), Neha Srinivasan (Class 8) and Tarun Hegde (Class 9)

Students of Classes 7 - 8 (CBSE) and Classes 8 - 9 (IGCSE) participated enthusiastically in the science exhibition held in association with the GIIS HiQ Science Quiz. There were 41 groups of students who exhibited working models based on various scientific principles. Several students combined their environmental leanings and technical dexterity by crafting models which showed the usage of clean and green energy

Mr Srinivas Vasudevamurthy, Ms Deepika Sodhi, and Ms Anjali Dharmadhikari presided as judges for the exhibition, who selected the first, second, third positions from the various exhibits.

Some of the exhibits included:

Interferrometric Logic and Musical Instrument - Jishnu Murukeshan, Aryan Saraswat, Anish Bhattacharyya, Class 9 IGCSE exhibited a musical instrument made up of nylon strings, sound box with balloon membrane, bubble tea straws, PVC tube based on the frequency of vibrations of the nylon strings.

Wind Turbine - Class 8 team comprising Nandana Menon Rajeev, Rammohan Mira, Ankitha Elizebeth, Anjali Premi and Riya Sharma assembled a wind turbine where the wind energy is converted to electrical energy.

Elevator - Class 8 student, Hritupriya Mriganka Das’s project was based on the principle of elevator which is generally powered by electric motors that either drive traction cables or counterweight systems like a hoist, or pump hydraulic fluid to raise a cylindrical piston like a jack. This principle was used in a building model to transport a doll between different floors.

Photovoltaic Cells and Turbine - The team of Vishnu Sundaresan, Pranav Venkatram Lakshmanan Nachiappan and Vikram Vaidya, Class 8 IGCSE had deftly prepared a working model based on the principle of converting solar energy into electrical energy.

Green Factory and Windmill - Using energy from a windmill and solar power, the team of Ishan Mittal, Avi Tripathi, Aitha Shiva Datha, Adhyyan Chhabra and Sarthak Banerjee of Class 8 IGCSE had constructed a beautiful model to show how various parts of a factory were run.

Circulatory System - Teammates Edhayabarani Ramamoorthy, Seojin Kim, Priyanka Athreya, Nikitha Dasari, Madhumitha Venkatesh and Soumya Suresh from Class 7D had prepared a working model of the human circulatory system which showed how blood is pumped to various parts of the body.

Putt putt boat - Using recycled material such as a coke can which works on the principle of Newton’s third law of motion, the team of Aishwarya Singh, Pavithra Thyagarajan, Swetha Nandula, Tevya Mathew and Subiksha of Class 7 had expertly made a working model of putt putt boat.

Prize Winners of Science exhibition:

Photovoltaic Cells and Turbine 8 IGCSE B Vishnu Sundaresan, Vikram Vaidya First
  8 IGCSE C Pranav Venkatram  
    Lakshmanan Nachiappan  
Elevator 8A Hritupriya Mriganka Das Second
Green Factory and wind mill 8 IGCSE A Ishan Mittal, Avi Tripathi Third
    Aitha Shiva Datha, Adhyyan Chhabra, Rithik Sinha  
    Sarthak Banerjee, Mihir Puranik, Mohul Chaudhari  
    Vageesh Viswanathan  
    Kevin Babu Chiramel, Anirudh KV  
Interferro-metric logic and Musical instrument 9 IGCSE A Jishnu Murukeshan, Aryan Sarswat Special Mention
  Anish Bhattacharyya  

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