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May 20, 2020

Virtual PYP Celebration of Learning

PYP students of GIIS East Coast Campus have been buzzing with a lot of excitement and anticipation during the past week as they prepare for their first virtual celebration of learning which took place on Thursday, 14th May 2020.  Celebration of learning is a great opportunity to allow students to share their learning across the subject areas and within the unit of inquiry with their parents and with the entire school community.  

Due to the recent situation, however, the PYP team of teachers and students needed to conduct this event online.  Nevertheless, this did not hinder any of them from conducting the session successfully.  Some PYP classes decided to pre-record their presentations yet some were courageous enough to do their presentations live.  

The event started with Mr CVK Sastry, our Head of School, extending his warm welcome to all PYP students, teachers and parents in attendance.  Being the first virtual event conducted by the PYP team, everyone displayed a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to be able to display the skills developed throughout the learning of their units.

The students from PYP 1 were observed to display traits of a confident communicator as well as creative inventors as they shared about the toy or game that they made as a result of their learning of their unit on “Play”.  They also shared about the rules and the procedures that they have created and is super eager to let anyone try them once school reopens.

Students of PYP 2 were dressed up and geared up according to the different celebrations and festivals that they celebrate at home.  They presented relevant information about their chosen celebration and some even performed a lovely song and a short dance.

Meanwhile, students of PYP 3 displayed their ability in creating PowerPoint presentations as they confidently shared about their imaginary island or community that they have created.  

On the other hand, PYP 4 students created their own Seesaw page or blog documenting their learning journey on the unit on “digital media.”  They shared about how they evaluate and filter information and also shared about our responsibility as digital citizens.

Lastly, students of PYP 5 staged an engaging Panel Discussion.  They took on different roles (neurologist, psychologist, child specialist, spiritual guide and environmentalists) as they shared about the different aspects of health and well-being and also the different functions of human body systems.  They shared different ways on how to have a healthy and balanced life- physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally, spiritually and mentally.

The day ended with a number of positive words of encouragement received from parents.

“Kudos to all children for such wonderful work.  Along with that, hats off to the teachers and parents for bringing this together.” - from an anonymous parent

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