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November 28, 2023

Students participate in engaging session on economics during LLS

On November 23, 2023, students from the GIIS East Coast Campus got a fantastic opportunity to participate in an interactive session conducted by the school as part of the Leadership Lecture Series. During the session Mr Sanyam Joshi, Head of the Economic Section at the Indian High Commission, held an interactive session with the students from grade 6 to 11 on the art of economics.


The panel discussion provided students with the unique opportunity to pose a variety of questions, ranging from Mr Joshi's sources of inspiration to his most challenging experiences. Throughout his address, Mr Joshi emphasised the importance of cultivating the habit of reading for young students striving for excellence. The guest lecturer shared insights into the intersection of economics and beneficial daily habits that contribute to a better life.


Mr. Joshi, a significant contributor to the field of economics, played a pivotal role in shaping India's economic policies. His early career was dedicated to the Income Tax Department in New Delhi, where he handled tax evasion cases and business income tax returns. With interactions with the Indian Finance Minister and a comprehensive understanding of both tax legislation and legislative processes, Mr Joshi provided valuable insights during the session.


The Leadership Lecture Series at GIIS serves as a platform where exceptional minds and personalities are invited to interact with and inspire students. The session with Mr Joshi motivated students to contribute meaningfully to society while successfully navigating their careers and fostering positive habits.


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