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June 22, 2022

Students at the East Coast Campus participate in numerous thoughtfully created activities celebrating World Oceans Day

GIIS in its pursuit of fostering environmentally responsible citizens of the future takes up numerous initiatives for its students from time to time. In one such initiative, the students of the East Coast Campus marked World Oceans Day on June 6, 2022, acquiring knowledge and raising awareness about protecting the marine ecosystem by participating in various thoughtfully created activities.


During one such activity, the students watched videos showing how human actions have caused disruptions to the marine life by spreading pollution. 


Students of the drama club enacted a skit through which they passed the message of how human intervention is impacting the oceans across the globe. The participating students also took a minute off to meditate and think of actions that can positively impact underwater life. The young learners also had fun participating in a quiz about underwater life. 


The event concluded with all the students singing the pledge song and spreading the message of taking appropriate actions to protect marine life as it is home to countless lives underwater. It was an enriching experience for the students as they learned about doing their part to contribute toward the sustainability of the planet which GIIS always emphasises on.


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