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June 14, 2022

PYP students at East Coast Campus shares their acquired knowledge participating in Celebration Of Learning

The PYP students of the GIIS East Coast Campus showcased their acquired knowledge on different subjects through interesting presentations and projects participating in the Celebration Of Learning (COL) which was organised on May 27, 2022. The idea behind organising COL is to give students a platform wherein they get to explore their understanding of different units of inquiry and present them Infront of their parents. 


As part of the initiative, students from each grade level put in their best efforts showcasing their knowledge and understanding of different topics through innovative presentations.


The PYP Grade 1 students presented their learnings about number words, nouns, and skip counting. The students in PYP Grade 2 came dressed up wearing colourful festive attires and presented information about the similarities between different festivals, and how their celebration varies in different parts of the country. The students of PYP Grade 3 showcased their learnings about different systems of the body, how it functions, and explained how each system relies on the other to function well.


Students in PYP Grade 4 prepared and presented reports as country representatives for UNICEF and elaborated on the different initiatives taken by various countries to uplift and protect the rights of children. As part of their action plan, the class decided to raise funds and donate the same to UNICEF towards affected children in Ukraine.


Lastly, the PYP Grade 5 students created innovative display boxes to show different stages of life and depicted the physical and emotional changes, values, and beliefs of each life stage. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students and they were appreciated for their efforts in preparing and presenting their projects and received words of encouragement from their parents.


GIIS strongly believes that the parents are an integral part of the school community and always encourages them to participate in various school events held throughout the year. Through events like this, the school strengthens its bond with the parents as it works together towards fostering all-round character development in students through its holistic learning approach.


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