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May 19, 2022

PYP students at East Coast campus exhibit outstanding research skills

The PYP Grade 4 students of the East Coast Campus got an excellent opportunity to exhibit their research skills by exploring various topics related to the UN and UNICEF, as part of their ongoing unit on children’s rights.


The inquirers enthusiastically conducted in-depth research and learned about the contributions made by UNICEF to protect children’s rights in different parts of the world. They also read articles and acquired knowledge about the various functions of the UNICEF, the structure, agencies, and organs of the United Nations.


It was an enriching and engaging opportunity for the students wherein they collaborated with their peers to make creative posters based on their research findings and understandings. The students later presented their posters in front of their classmates.


The student-centric approach of the PYP curriculum encourages its students to be active participants in their learning journey. Initiatives like this, fosters an encouraging learning environment that helps the students to work towards achieving their goals.

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