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December 01, 2020

IB PYP students' special activity for Thanksgiving

Students of IB PYP made a Thankful Turkey with their gratitude story stating what they are thankful for, whom they are thankful to and why they are thankful for. 

The students not only learnt about the significance of Thanksgiving but also honed their skills art and craft, writing as well as presentation skills.

The students participated enthusiastically in this activity by having fun and paying gratitude.

Thanksgiving was originally a holiday to thank God for the harvest. Today it is an opportunity to thank God for all the good things he has given us. It is also a day to celebrate with family, it brings families together, giving a reason to celebrate. But most important is its core message: expressing gratitude with “Thanks”.

We at East Coast campus, try to celebrate cultures of diverse ethnicities so as to inculcate a global outlook among students and make them open-minded.

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