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December 04, 2023

GIIS young orators exhibit their linguistic prowess at Youth Speech Craft 

Students from the GIIS East Coast Campus recently got a fantastic opportunity to elevate their public speaking skills by participating in the Youth Speech Craft organised by The Tamil Language and Cultural Society Bilingual Toastmasters in Singapore on November 19. This unique platform embraced the bilingual nature of the society, providing a valuable opportunity for participants to refine their skills.


As part of the event, students from GIIS East Coast Campus, including Anuraag Vombatkere (9 IGCSE), Arnav Jani (8 CLSP), Dakshini Muthukumar (9 CBSE), Niral Bakliwal (9 CBSE), Saavir Soni (7 CLSP), and Shriyans Maddikunta (IBDP Year 1), showcased exceptional public speaking prowess and confidence. Tackling the broad theme of 'Success from Failures,' these bright students adeptly incorporated every aspect into their engaging speeches.

To promote collaboration and teamwork, the event featured interactive activities such as impromptu speaking exercises and team-building activities. These activities not only honed participants' communication skills but also emphasised the significance of speaking proficiency in today's interconnected world.


The Youth Speech Craft event organised by the Tamil Language and Cultural Society Bilingual Toastmasters was undeniably a resounding success. It served as a valuable platform for young individuals to cultivate their public speaking and leadership skills, empowering and inspiring the youth to become the next generation of bilingual communicators and leaders.


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