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December 05, 2023

GIIS East Coast duo excels with honours at APQO Excellence Event

Team Planet Wisers, consisting of Saanvi Singh and Alisha Sambhus, two IGCSE students from GIIS East Coast Campus, achieved a significant milestone by securing two awards at the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) Awards for Contributing to Excellence (ACE) Competition. Team Planet Wisers accompanied by the mentor Ms Odaia Ranido, IB PYP Coordinator represented GIIS East Campus at the event held in Kathmandu, Nepal, on November 17 and 18, 2023.


The 28th APQO International Conference featured participation from six GSF schools, namely GlIS, OWIS, HIS, CISM, Regent, and Glendale. Among the 16 teams from GSF schools, Team Planet Wisers secured the APQO International ACE Team Awards 2023 with a 4/4 stars rating and the APQO Innovation Class Awards 2023 with a Gold Award.


Aligned with the theme of 'Quality for the creation of a more sustainable, competitive, and human world' at this year's APQO International Conference, Team Planet Wisers emphasised the relevance of their project, focusing on the proper disposal of electronic waste.


Described on the APQO website as a highly participative and interactive team excellence competition, ACE aims to recognise teams that demonstrate shared values and goals, fostering a powerful sense of shared purpose. The initiative is geared towards giving the school community, including students, teachers, and staff, an opportunity to share best practices across campuses.


These accomplishments by GIIS students stand as a testament to the school's commitment to encouraging students to excel beyond the classroom, nurturing well-rounded individuals and future leaders.


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