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December 11, 2019

Entertainment for students on Children's Day

GIIS East Coast campus celebrated Children’s Day on Thursday, 14th November 2019. All students from kindergarten to Grade 7 were part of the celebration. The teachers and staff presented a series of interesting and exciting performances, to express their love and care for the young students.

A number of entertaining activities were planned for students. The programme started with a prayer song. The teachers then presented a humorous skit which left the students in splits. This was followed by teachers' dance on instrumental music and an upbeat percussion performance. The entire auditorium was energised by finale dance and fashion show in which all the staff members participated with great enthusiasm. The power-packed performance set the stage on fire. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by the Vice-Principal.

The Parent Support group was also a part of the celebrations. The students were happy to receive gifts from PSG.

The smiling faces showed that the students had a wonderful and memorable time.

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