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March 12, 2022

EC student graduates discuss global issues at PYP Exhibition

GIIS East Coast campus buzzed with excitement as brilliant performances were showcased at the graduation ceremony of the second cohort of PYP students held on March 11, 2022. The PYP Exhibition is a culminating, collaborative experience in the final year of the PYP, where students demonstrate their learnings and acquired knowledge by presenting models and charts in front of teachers, parents and their classmates.


This year, 18 students graduated from the PYP Grade 5, out of which 14 displayed their work at the event and 4 of them presented virtually due to the current Covid-related regulations.


The students made presentations in teams on the theme ‘Sharing the Planet’, with the central idea being  ‘People sharing responsibility for the world by taking action on local and global issues’. The students conducted an in-depth inquiry into global issues collaborating with their peers, under the guidance of their mentor teachers. Later, they answered questions from the audience.


The graduating students received certificates of recognition for the successful completion of the PYP Exhibition towards the end of the event. The parent mentors were also appreciated for their contribution in guiding the students in their learning process.


East Coast Principal Mr CVK Sastry, while speaking on the occasion, congratulated the students, and appreciated the hard work and dedication put in by the PYP coordinators throughout the year. PYP Coordinator, Ms. Odaia Ranido, and other teachers including Ms Angela, Ms Pooja, Ms Deepika and Ms Anushree, were appreciated for their efforts.  


East Coast Campus is affiliated to the PYP, and has been providing PYP education to students for the past two years. This is the second graduating batch for East Coast, after the first batch reached the honours virtually last year. The campus is well-equipped to provide holistic education to students as required by the International Baccalaureate.


This batch, who were required to work on the environment theme, were divided into 5 teams, namely ‘Forest Fighters’, ‘Climate Heroes’, ‘Sea Legacy’, ‘Extinction Busters’, ‘Air Benders’ representing global issues that they resonate with the most. Each team were guided by a teacher and a parent mentor. The groups then created their central ideas and lines of inquiry before they began researching their chosen issues.


These are the action taken by each group:

Air Benders- The team did a campaign on recycling by conducting a competition on the theme ‘Best of Waste’. They also campaigned on the proper disposal of e-waste.


Sea Legacy- The team did a campaign in the PYP assembly to create awareness of the importance of keeping our oceans clean. They also took an initiative on beach clean-up at ECP beach, wherein they invited students with their families to participate in it.


Forest fighters- The team did a campaign in the PYP assembly to create awareness on the issue of deforestation. They created their e-book using BookCreator and shared it with PYP students. They also contacted NParks and participated in the One Million Trees Movement.


Extinction Busters- The team conducted an assembly for PYP students to raise awareness on the issue. They invited a guest speaker, a vegan coach, to talk about the relationship between humans and animals- Our Planet, Our Plate.


Climate Heroes- The team did a campaign for PYP students to create awareness on the issue and find solutions to save the planet.


The dedication and hard work of everyone involved in organising the event have left an impressive note in the memory of everyone present at the event. The celebration culminated with special notes of thanks from the homeroom teacher Ms. Zhao Hui 'Angela  Hausenloy'.


Bhashinithra Dhasaprakash and Vaibhav Pathangi Karunakaran, from Grade 5A did a fantastic job at hosting the event, while peers contributed through pre-recorded entertainment events.


The PYP exhibition is an event where students gets a platform to share their learning while developing presentation and assessment skills. This one-of-its kind exhibition is organised at the end of the final year of the IB Primary Years Programme wherein students gets to explore and share their understanding of important topics that they resonate with and are passionate about.


Through IB Primary Years Programme, GIIS, nurtures students to be responsible global citizens, by offering a holistic education framework that helps develop the student as an inquirer and critical thinker. The school provides PYP students with the right facilities and faculty to help them reach their goals.

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