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June 15, 2022

Amazing performance by GIIS East Coast students at the cultural show celebrating the Indian New Year

The talented students of the GIIS East Coast Campus dance group performed a beautifully choreographed Kathak fusion dance at the community cultural show organised by LISHA (Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association) celebrating the Indian New Year. The annual event was held on April 8, 2022, at the One Farrer Hotel, Singapore. 


Performers representing different Indian communities showcased the beauty and distinctiveness of the Indian culture with their spectacular performances on various Indian dance forms such as Bhangra, Lavni, Kathak, to name a few. 


Representing the Hindi Society, the GIIS East Coast dancers dressed in colourful attires lit up the stage and mesmerised the audience by portraying the Indian aesthetics in a truly elegant manner. Ms Srabonti, the dance teacher at the East Coast Campus was in charge of the dancer team and choreographed the beautiful performance. 


Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to explore and exhibit their creativity and they participated in it with full enthusiasm. Platforms like this encourage the students to explore their potential in various areas and grow holistically, which the school always emphasises on.


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