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November 20, 2018

Young students with big hearts: students participate enthusiastically in South Africa Mobile Library Project


SINGAPORE, 20 NOVEMBER, 2018: The students of East Coast campus had a gratifying experience as they participated in community and social service programme by being a part of the South African Mobile Library Project. The project helps provide free and easy access to books for the needy children and was active at the campus from 15th September to 9th November, 2018.

As part of the 9GEMS Pedagogy, the school helps students to develop multiple aspects of their personality. One of the 9GEMS is Community and Care that encourages the students to connect at local and international platforms and contribute to the cause of society. This helps the students to raise awareness about the community. One such initiative is the donation of books to the South African Mobile Library Project, to help provide free and easy access to books for the needy children.

It was overwhelming to see the generous donation of books by the students who were extremely delighted to help the kids in South Africa. Soon the baskets were brimming with donated books. Six energetic teams were designated with the task of sorting the books and pack them in boxes for dispatch. The teams finished the task at the speed of light.

Overall the students enjoyed the entire donation exercise. Mridini Sivakumar of Grade 5 said, “I enjoyed taking part in the event and wish to do more similar events in the future. While Ayesha Siddiqui of Grade 5 said, “I hope the children in South Africa enjoy reading the books as much as we all do here.” Nakshatra Prasath of Grade 5 urged others to participate by saying, “I recommend all to send old reading books overseas to help many poor children around the world.”

South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative was established in 2006 by business executives from South Africa and Japan, together with the South Africa Department of Education, to help improve literacy rates in the country. They started the South Africa Mobile Library Project (SAMLP) which involves the participation of other countries in this meaningful initiative.

It was indeed a humbling experience and students appreciated the experience of giving and sharing.

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