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October 19, 2018

Teachers bond, enjoy at Dandiya night during Navratri festival


SINGAPORE, 16 OCTOBER, 2018: A Dandiya event was held at the East Coast Campus as part of the staff engagement programme during the Navratri festival which concluded recently.

The event was organised on Oct 15, 2018, during which staff members participated with enthusiasm. Teachers from GIIS Mountbatten campus and SMART Campus also participated in this grand event. The guests of honour GIIS board member Ms Smita Wargantiwar, and Ms. Priya Katyal added a sparkle to the evening as they enthusiastically joined the celebrations. Everyone danced to the tunes of the fusion of the traditional ‘Dandiya’ and ‘Bollywood’ music which led to a vibrant and exuberant evening.

The guests were welcomed with the fresh sprinkle of rose water and kewda. Light refreshments were arranged for all. There were lucky draws, snacks stalls and free Tarot card reading stalls set up by the Standard Chartered Bank. The stalls engendered immense fun and frolic among the audiences.

The school auditorium was a colourful sight as the staff was dressed in their traditional outfits. The Auditorium was glistening with the embroidery and mirrors of the chaniya cholis and multi coloured ghaghras. Everyone danced in circles, clicking sticks to the energetic beats, as the music flowed smoothly.

The evening ended with a prize distribution ceremony for the ‘Best Dancer’ and the ‘Best costume’ .It was an evening well spent with great fervour and enthusiasm.






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