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January 28, 2019

Republic Day 2019 sees enthusiastic participation from students and staff


SINGAPORE, 28 JANUARY, 2019: Patriotic fervour gripped one and all at the GIIS East Coast campus as India ushered in its 70th year of being a Republic Nation. The Republic Day was celebrated like every year to commemorate the conception of the Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950, enforcing a democratic system in India.

GIIS East Coast Principal, Ms Madhu Khanna unfurled the Indian National Flag, to the tunes of the National Anthem in the presence of the gathered staff and students. She addressed an inspiring speech to the students who are not only the future of our nation but the entire globe.

Students of Grade 1 to 6 performed patriotic group songs, made thought-provoking speeches on the significance of this day and displayed remarkable dance performances, all of which left the audience spell-bound. The extravaganza did not stop there. The highlight of the day was the Athletic Track and Field championship which saw the participation of GIIS SMART Campus and East Coast campus students. This intensified the grandeur and solemnity of the occasion.

Each member of the school was dressed in hues of tri-colour and enthusiastically celebrated the sovereignty of the nation. The feeling of patriotism was evidence to the fact that in spite of staying in a foreign land, students realised the significance of this day which is crucial for India. 

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