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May 24, 2018

Learning the art of innovation at the STITCH and Robotics workshops


SINGAPORE, 24 MAY: The spirit of innovation was in the air as students from Class 5 and 6 participated in the two and a half day STITCH workshop which encourages young minds to explore and innovate different creative prototypes. Students from Class 7 and 8 participated in the Robotics Bootcamp where they were introduced to the techniques of building and programming robots during the workshop.

Over the course of the STITCH workshop, students were divided into six different groups after an interesting ice breaker activity. The teams were introduced to the concept of design thinking and wore their thinking caps to design unique products.

On the second day of the boot camp, enthusiastic groups made a paper prototype of their inventions. They planned the mechanics of their innovative projects and jotted down the materials required to ideate it. On the last day, students collaboratively worked in their respective groups and converted their ideas into tangible products which marvelled their parents and the trainers.

Students who participated in the Robotics Bootcamp enjoyed it with equal zest as they learned the foundation of building a basic Sumobot robot, and how they can be controlled using a joystick. The instructors conducted a battle where each robot fought with another in a designated area.

On the second day of the bootcamp, the rudiments of design thinking was imparted in students. They formed teams of six and were told to pitch in their ideas using minimum materials.

Enthusiastic students put on their creative caps and were engaged in making their own robots based on the proposed designs.

As the final day of the programme rolled on, students learned about using sensors and mini robots so that it can sense the boundaries of the battle ring. Later on,they were asked to build a battle and program it which enabled automated robots to fight without being remote controlled. After completion of programming the robots, the students gave a presentation to their parents who watched the final battle of the robots at the end.

These two workshops equipped our students with insightful knowledge in innovating and the foundation of building a robot which will undoubtedly prepare them for a technology-driven future.

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