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January 25, 2019

GIIS East Coast cricket team member recounts a memorable match


By: Saksham Verma, Grade 6 C

SINGAPORE, 25 JANUARY, 2019: Our cricket team in GIIS East Coast (EC) is a group of aspiring players, who recently tasted success in Youth Premier League U-11 last year. The next challenge for the team was ACSIS U-12 Division 1, which we agreed was a difficult one. The start was not very promising and we faced disappointments in our first few games. The game against NPSII was crucial and GIIS EC team was charged to give its best.

17th January was a cloudy day with recent showers and we had to mop the pitch dry. Our skipper, Rusheel Gongulur won the toss and chose to bat. We had a slow start and were just a few overs into the game when the umpires asked us to leave the field due to a lightning alert. The game resumed after 30 minutes and was reduced to 18 overs. Our key batsmen, Siddhant, Rusheel, and Krishay contributed to the team total. Despite the disruptions and wet conditions, we managed to score 83 runs.

NPSII  had a good start, scoring 56 runs in 11 overs, at 4 wickets. At this point, NPSII required just 27 runs in 7 overs with 6 wickets in hand, but our coach inspired us to re-group as a team and give ourselves a turnaround. The bowlers went into action and pressurised the batsmen into easy run-outs. I maintained a good economy during my bowling phase and along with our excellent fielders managed three run-outs. Shriram took a superb catch to get rid of another batsman.

We went into a nail-biting finish with the last over when NPSII needed only 8 runs to win, with one wicket in hand. Each ball was bringing them closer to victory. They needed just three runs in the last two balls when Saarth took a catch on the ball of Shaurya Vardhan known for his excellent bowling skills. NPSII were all out for 81 runs, we won by 2 runs!! It was definitely one of the ground-breaking games for all of us. We learnt an invaluable lesson: Never give up and Keep trying until the last ball.  The team was happy that we made our school and coach proud on that memorable day.

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