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February 12, 2019

Chinese New Year celebrations inspire students to connect with the community


SINGAPORE, 12 FEBRUARY, 2019: GIIS East Coast campus joined in the mirth and joy of celebrating the Year of Pig, during the Chinese New Year celebrations in the campus on 4th February. The students showed immense excitement in connecting with the community during the celebration.

To usher in the New Year, an enthralling Lion dance was performed much to the joy of the students and staff. The children were in awe to see the interesting performance and cheered the performers.

In an endeavour to include the neighbours feel inclusive and a part of the GIIS community, students of Global Social Leaders group of Grade 6, visited the neighbourhood to greet the neighbours with cards and oranges, a symbol of prosperity. The students were also bestowed with cards from our loving neighbourhood. All our hardworking janitors received Ang Pao on behalf of the school as a gesture of gratitude.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in China, is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. A cycle of twelve years are observed, each named after an animal or mythical creature. Traditionally, the festival is celebrated to honour deities and ancestors. Temples and homes are decorated with beautiful red lanterns. Chinese greet one other by saying ‘Gong Xi FaCai’ which means ‘Congratulations and be prosperous’.

The CNY celebrations not only brought alive the importance of a major festival in Singapore but also taught the students the value of community connection, one of the most important GEMS of our 9 GEMS educational framework.

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