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November 24, 2018

Author Swapnil Mishra inspires students at Leadership Lecture Series


SINGAPORE, 24 NOVEMBER, 2018: Young, impressionable minds can change the worldview and expand their horizons when they get to meet with their heroes and role-models. This is what happened when the East Coast campus students got to interact with Mr Swapnil Mishra, a banker by profession and a teacher by choice, during a Leadership Lecture series(LLS) on 20th November.

Mr Mishra wears multiple hats and while juggling as a banker and an Adjunct Teaching Mentor at Singapore Management University, he has also mastered the art of authoring by publishing his first book "Freddy the Eager Fundraiser”, an easy-to-read true story of kindness, responsibility and resilience. The book is inspired by events that were triggered after the earthquake that struck Nepal with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter Scale.

To welcome Mr Mishra, students put up a short song for him on the stage. A panel of students later asked him questions ranging from his inspirations to his most challenging moments. Throughout his speech, he highlighted the importance of tenacity and hard work. The guest lecturer holds the confluence of enterprise and social goals close to his heart.

The session ended by Mr Swapnil Mishra graciously signing the books purchased by our excited students at the East Coast Campus.

Leadership Lecture Series is a notable initiative by GIIS, where achievers and great personalities are invited to the school for interacting and motivating students. The series with Mr Mishra inspired the students to give back to society along with balancing a successful career. It was indeed enlightening for the students.

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