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November 26, 2018

Annual Day 2018 witnesses an ensemble of great performers


SINGAPORE, 26 NOVEMBER, 2018: Students of East Coast campus surprised the audience by their stupendous performance at the much-awaited Annual Day celebrations that was held on 3rd of November.

The school was abuzz with guests as the parents were enthusiastic to see their young ones rock the stage with colourful bonanza. Each and every seat in the auditorium was filled with eager and enthusiastic parents looking forward to seeing their young ones perform.

The Annual Day event was divided into two shows. Show 1 had the performances by students of Grades 1-3 and Show 2 by students of Grades 4-6. Both the shows were based on different themes.

The audience of both the shows were first presented with the annual report by the Principal, Ms Madhu Khanna. The report shared the achievements and was a good recap of the year-round events in the campus.

The theme of Show 1 was ‘Vikram & Betal in Modern Land’ and the programme highlighted the story of Vikram & Betal who embark on a journey to Modern Land. Betal challenges a few children he meets to showcase their talents. The children impress him and the King by performing a myriad of items such as ‘Flamenco’ and ‘Bezumba’.

The show also highlighted the campus’ theme of ‘Green and Happy’ school. Grade 3 students presented a skit on the importance of saving trees and encouraging the audience to practice the 3Rs. Enthralling dance performances like ‘Phagun Elo re’, ‘Blooming buds’ and ‘Dancing Mist’ depicted the beauty of nature. Other unique dance performances included ‘Ontogenesis’, showing humanity’s great and glorious progression since ancient times to modern days, ‘Pinnal Kolattam’ a Tamil dance and ‘Chanchan’ – The Pirouette Champs. The song performance ‘Sound of music’ was a treat to the ears. The grand finale was an energetic ‘Bhangra’ performance by the students of Grade 1. The enraptured parents were spellbound to see their young ones delivering dialogues with confident and dancing with zest.

The Guest of Honor for show 1 was Mr Anupam Mathur – Head Strategy and Business Development for Asia Pacific Business @ UBS Wealth management. Mr Mathur addressed the students and delivered an inspiring speech.

Show 2 was marked by another enticing theme - Chronicles of Taletown and the act comprised of a musical ensemble, entertaining dramas and energetic dances.

The students presented the story of a conniving and scheming person who stole stories from people’s memories. His evil schemes were destroyed by Angel Heart, a loving and caring person who drove him away with all her goodness and willpower. She restored the rhythm of life back to Taletown and the people were finally able to share their stories once again. They promised to look after each other like before and always keep the town happy and green.

The Guest of Honour, for show 2 was Dr Chinnadurai Amutha, Senior Consultant, Department of Neonatology who encouraged the students by her motivational words.

The Annual Day at East Coast campus saw some great talent among students and the 9GEMS educational framework came alive as the audience saw multiple talents rock the stage.

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