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February 28, 2021

The Young Authors @ GIIS

An exciting and amazing event that left the teachers and parents amazed was ‘The Young Author’s event.

The KG II of GIIS, Dubai has planned and executed an activity that has awakened the inner author of the young minds. A random picture was shown and kids wore the author’s hat by creating the title and the content. They wrote and illustrated their imaginations and published their story books.

This event aimed at tapping a very important life skill, ‘The Imagination’. These young minds used their language skills, enhanced vocabulary, and their creativity, in publishing a book of their favorite story. Young authors activity provided the children a wide platform for imagination and creativity.The event became a huge success with parent support and we believed to have triggered the passion for writing and narrating the stories in these growing little minds.

Some titles that we got to see; Goldi - The Golden Fish, Be Brave even if you are small, Naughty fish Mala, The clever fish, Gold Shark, etc.


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