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December 01, 2018

Students hold special assembly to celebrate birth of founder of Islam


Dubai, 21 NOVEMBER, 2018: Students at GIIS Dubai celebrated the birth of the founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with a special assembly on 19th of November. They spoke about the Prophet with great reverence and respect. All students were made aware of the contributions made by the Prophet in spreading the message of Islam. The students became aware of how important a figure he was not only to Muslims but humanity as a whole.

Student choir performed a song in Arabic dedicated to the Prophet.

Principal Mr Ramesh Mudgal spoke about the value of tolerance which was greatly promoted by the leaders of this country and how we can co-exist with one another peacefully.

These values are relevant to children in this time and age more than ever and at GIIS Dubai we truly believe that his teachings (Prophet Muhammad) will help shape these impressionable minds to be responsible adults.





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