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February 11, 2019

School gears up for Athleta sports competition


DUBAI, 11th Feb, 2019:  The spirit of friendly competition will come alive on Kindergarten Sports Day –Athleta next week, when Dubai campus will hold the meet on Feb 21.

The objectives of Athleta are for students to:

• Learn about the positive side to a competition
• Build positive associations with outdoor games and competition
• Build various gross motor skills.
• Experience team spirit and the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of all competitors
• Watch their parents participate in sports activities.

The students are going to participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Everyone’s a winner at GIIS Dubai, with children guaranteed to win at least a couple of medals for their efforts. Sports Day is an all-day activity held in the calendar month when the weather is coolest. 
Students are grouped into teams where they participate in a variety of drills, individual/team sports events and games. Parents are invited to join the children. Events chosen are fun, safe and easy to participate. 

There are relays races, Fitbit, Elsa and Charlie’s Chocolate Factory Race, Lolly on a polly, Oodle Race, Stay Green-Be clean, Climbing the Beanstalk, Obstacle race, Speed-a-thon and Hoola Hoop fun race.

GIIS 9 GEMS framework encourages such initiatives that contribute to the holistic development of each child. These efforts also are in line with the spirit of the year of tolerance. The teachers and children are eagerly waiting to amaze the audience. They have been practicing enthusiastically with their caps and sunscreen on their tiny faces. Come and cheer the little sports stars. See you soon!!!

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