January 25, 2020

Recycling Initiatives by kindergartners

iCare is one of the new initiative by the Kindergarten department. These are series of activities that will create values related to protecting and taking care of the environment. This month, children learnt about the value of "Recycling".  

"Save Earth is our mantra". As part of iCare activities, the kindergarteners of GIIS Dubai made paper bags out of old newspapers. The activity was conducted in order to help reduce plastic bags usage, bring awareness to everyone, instilling the thought of restoring the environment and encouraging our children to make their own paper bags.

Parents also participated in the campaign by sending old newspapers they have kept at home and children used it to making their own handmade paper bags. They enjoyed doing the activity and were very happy, knowing that, not only they helped save the environment but they also saved money by using these handmade paper bags. Children used it as shopping bags and garbage bags in their respective classes.

Let's Go Green! Let's Save the Environment! 


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