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May 09, 2022

Ramadan Gift Basket Making Activity

Ramadan activities at GIIS, Dubai were organized with great enthusiasm, where students of Grade 1 participated in a creative activity through the Ramadan Gift Basket Making Activity.The activity focused on the importance of compassionate coexistence by donating Ramadan Gift Baskets to the needy and the loved ones.


Students prepared a basket of their choice with gifts and essentials, decorated the baskets and attached a message on it. Placing the Community and Care aspect of the 9 GEMS as a center of focus the activity enhanced the sense of togetherness among the students.


It is significant to teach the relevance of being empathetic and following the route of social existence at a young age. The activities carried out during Ramadan at GIIS, Dubai was a clear cut culmination of sharing the right trends of lifestyle with the students.


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